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Fire of Wrath Shuriel Last Lesser Giant Glaki  Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs  Daimon The White-Eyed  Longhorn Golkonda  Cherub Galaxia Ketra...
28 April, 2021
The npc server will be started at 10 a.m. brasilia on the day 27/04/2021
26 April, 2021
New version available
The new version is available for download  many things change on our server in these the last few days download the new version and wait for our release 
20 April, 2021
New version
Due to problems in our release of L2-Arien decided to run a new version of the server is almost ready and will be in testing for a week closed where the staff will verify everyt...
17 April, 2021
1º   Covid19 7 pvps
2º   Maricel 2 pvps
3º   PowFmm 2 pvps
4º   IndividuaL 1 pvps
5º   WEED 1 pvps
1º   abcd 5 pks
2º   Maricel 3 pks
3º   MystiC 2 pks
4º   Covid19 1 pks
5º   IndividuaL 1 pks
1º   TERRORsQuaD 8 lvl
2º   1232 8 lvl
3º   BigFamily 6 lvl
4º   Administration 5 lvl
5º   KND 3 lvl
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